2004 Legacy

2004 Subaru Legacy 35th Anniversary

2.5l, 5sp Manual, AWD

My daily driver, bought with 68k miles on it, just hit 162k miles.

Changed to AMSOIL oil and AMSOIL EA oil filter at 71k miles

Changed transmission and differentials over to AMSOIL Gear Lube at 82k miles

Running a un-equal length header, the rest is stock.

EBC UPR front brakes rotors

NGK spark plugs and spark plug wires

Added the Run-Cool hood vents in May 2016 to help with a heat issue in Nevada. It didn't overheat but would have some hesitation issues. Seemed to have addressed that issue, and the cabin doesn't get as hot anymore as well.

July 4th weekend, 2017 I decided to do a little work on this one. Took her down on Friday after driving up to Idaho from Henderson Nevada. If all goes well I'll be driving here back the 8th or 9th.

Plan was for

1. New KYB front struts

2. New KYB rear struts

3. New StopTec braided stainless steel brake lines, front, and rear

4. New fuel pump and filter

Ended up doing all that and

5. Gates timing belt kit with water pump wasn't having any major issues I could associate with the timing. The car has over 155k miles and I realized it had not been done. The belt was so loose I slipped it off while the tensioner was still "applying tension"

6. Grimmspeed lightweight crank pulley

7. New Gates Radiator hoses and hose clamps

8. New Gates drive belts (alternator, power steering pump, and air conditioner compressor)

9. New fuel pump assembly after breaking a fitting on the original one

10. New rear lower strut mount bolts (had to cut off the old ones)

Running awesome getting 27mpg combined.

It now has over 162k miles.