2020 Autocross

Last event of 2020 I was able to drive in.

My first event to drive in.

It was a good year in Autocross, didn't run as many events, had a few issues (tires). Overall the car did great, I learned a ton and improved as the year progressed. Over this winter I need to change the clutch and check out all the changes I did last winter.

Check out the autocross events I have videoed over the past 3 years, 3 different cars, 3 different classes and different weather conditions. And a lot of fun.

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JWC Motorsports (Autocross)

2020 Season is a go:

June 6th and 7th are the first 2 events for Snake River Region SCCA, right now I'm in on the 7th and on standby for the 6th (limited to 50 due to the COVID-19 rules).

Dec 2019, I did some heat shield treatment on the air box and tubing for my race car. 2002 Subaru Impreza 2.5 TS

The finished product. Hope to keep the air from heating up as much heat as I can.

You can see all the pictures over on the '02 Subaru Impreza 2.5 TS page.

2019 Season is over

It's all done but the end of season banquet.

Jul 2019

Well autocross has been fun, June 2nd, and July 6th and 7th. Learning a lot more about the car, and the new tires are awesome. Airing up not down for better traction is helping as well. I have the 2004 Dodge Neon for sale, I would like to get enough from it to pay for the next round of modification on the Impreza.

Check out my runs on YouTube here. MyAutocross

May 2019

May 4th and 5th was another Autocross weekend. Prior to taking the Impreza back out I did a flush of the power steering fluid. This Subaru along with most of my vehicles call for Automatic Transmission Fluid in power steering system. A couple months ago I had flushed the fluid on the 2003 Subaru Legacy and had an idea on how to do it easier.

I disconnected the low pressure line that goes to the reservoir from the power steering rack. I connected a clear hose to the hard line coming from the rack and ran it in to a 1 gallon jug that was braced in a drain pan (just in case). The front of the car was on jack stands so I could turn the wheels easily. As I turned the wheels fluid pumped out of the line to the jug. I would stop after about 7 lock to lock turns and fill the reservoir. After almost 3/4 of a quart was flushed, I briefly started the car, this pushed out about 1/2 a quart. I filled the reservoir and turned the wheels lock to lock several more times until only fresh red fluid flowed out of the clear line, roughly 1.5 quarts total. I reattached the resicore line and started the car, turning the wheel lock to lock a few more times. I made sure the level was at full-cold. Before the morning runs on Saturday I checked the level (after 55 miles of driving).

Now the only fluid that has not been swapped to AMSOIL is the clutch which used brake fluid, my plan is to get that changed this week (13-15 May 2019). I also have new tires, Bridgestone Potenza RE71-R which are excellent for Autocross (and legal for my class) .

The whine of a power steering pump is probably the most common sound of a car problem I hear. And along with coolant and brake fluid one of the least maintained. Step up to AMSOIL products and provide a fluid that is designed to take the abuse of these systems. AMSOIL also had a power steering fluid for those vehicles that don't use an automatic transmission fluid.

AMSOIL Power Steering Fluid

AMSOIL Automatic Transmission fluid

To verify what AMSOIL product you need, I suggest using the AMSOIL Vehicle Lookup tool or contact me directly.

AMSOIL Vehicle Lookup

April 2019

April 6th and 7th, I participated in Autocross weekend event put on by the Snake River Region of SCCA here in SW Idaho. I had worked on the 2002 Subaru Impreza TS changing some bushings, and steering components, as well as replacing a bad head gasket and the timing belt and it's components to include a new water pump. While I didn't win my class, I did have a great time and learned what else needs to be replaced on the car. The good news is the work I had done held up and with AMSOIL in the engine, transmission, and rear differential it ran great for a 17-year-old car with 110k miles.

22 October 2018,

Saturday and Sunday where the last days for the Snake River Region Autocross. I was checking out the wheels I had picked up in Las Vegas on the Neon on Friday, ended up shearing a wheel stud so I removed the hub and pressed out the old and in the new studs. I had picked up ARP replacements so that was the easy part (Have a video coming out on upgrading the Neon wheel studs). I was not planning on replacing them this soon so I didn't have the lug nuts.

I ended up taking the 2003 Subaru Legacy out for the Autocross this weekend. I ran great and I was able to get some good times and learned a ton. The AWD of the Subaru is so much different than the FWD of the Neon. I got 9 runs on Saturday and 8 runs on Sunday. The course was about .7 miles long. Will put up a video of my slowest and fastest runs each day.

N - 'Novice' Saturday 20 Oct 2018Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Run 4 Run 5 Run 6 Run 7 Run 8 Run 91:06.530+DNF 1:05.221+DNF 1:03.003 1:01.960 1:02.754 1:02.176 1:02.000 1:02.290+DNF 1:00.584
N- 'Novice' Sunday 21 Oct 2018Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Run 4 Run 5 Run 6 Run 7 Run 8 Run 91:03.079 1:02.526 1:01.893 1:00.587 1:00.292 1:00.344 0:59.620 0:59.800 0:59.544

8 October 2018,

This weekend I ran the 2004 Neon SXT in the Snake River Region Autocross event at the Idaho Expo in Boise again. Was rainy on Saturday morning but was sunny and dry for the afternoon runs, Sunday it was cool and breezy, Had put in a new WIX air filter and the car did great for 14 years old and 166 thousand miles.

N - 'Novice' Saturday 6 Oct 2018Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Run 4 Run 5 Run 6 Run 7 Run 8 Run 9 Run 10 Run 11 Run 121:02.974 1:01.793+DNF 1:00.355 0:59.581 0:58.557 0:59.989 0:56.800 0:56.808 0:55.118 0:55.562 0:54.044 0:54.2420:55.188 0:54.716 (got reruns due to timing problems)

N- 'Novice' Sunday 7 Oct 2018Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Run 4 Run 5 Run 6 Run 7 Run 8 Run 9 Run 100:59.748 0:56.376 0:55.887 0:54.043 0:54.789 0:53.826 0:54.137 0:54.300 0:54.056 0:53.108

22 April 2018,

Well, this weekend I did my first round of Autocross and it was a blast. Got the transmission mount installed a few days before the event. Checked all the fluids and set off on Saturday morning. Fueled the Neon after getting to Boise. Did the novice walk of the course and learned a lot, but my first 3 runs of the morning ended up DNF as I went "off course" by missing the same transition. The afternoon rounds were much better and I finished with a 53.628 second run as my fastest.

Saturday runs

N - 'Novice' Saturday 21 April 2018Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Run 4 Run 5 Run 6 Run 7 Run 80:64.990+DNF 0:60.189+DNF 0:61.699+DNF 0:58.960 0:56.494 0:54.830 0:54.546 0:53.628
N- 'Novice' Sunday 22 April 2018Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Run 4 Run 5 Run 6 Run 7 Run 8 1:07.252 1:01.140 1:00.273 1:00.725 1:01.512 1:00.592 1:03.396+DNF 1:00.590

Saturday course was much faster for me than today's, but I learned more today. I walked the course twice with a couple of guys I met on Saturday. My first run today I had a veteran racer ride along so he could help me and also see the course. I continued to learn and had a great time. I only had one DNF as I went "off course" on my next to the last run of the day. I road along with 2 veteran racers, first was in a 1990 Mazda Miata that was modded and ran great (the same guy that rode with me the first round) and then in the afternoon in a 2018 Ford Mustang GT. Looking forward to the next run and will figure out what I need to change on the Neon. That said it ran great and managed to get over 34 MPG this weekend including 55 miles one ways to Boise and back home yesterday and today. I truly believe AMSOIL oil in the engine and AMSOIL ATF in the transmission, and power steering and AMSOIL Dominator coolant boost helped keep the temps under control and the MPG up.

Jan 2020

Pulled the trigger on upgrading the 2002 Impreza rear drum brakes to disc. One more project item for the off season and in preparation for the 2020 Autocross season. Picked up the big parts (knuckle, backing plate (this seems to be the part necessary for disc brakes), grabbed the rotors as well as they were in good shape. Took some videos of braking down/removing the hub and bearing from the replacement knuckle, using my OTC Hub Grappler. Also replacing the front wheel bearings and hubs.

I also have a lot of bushing to replace and will be pulling most of the rear end down to clean/paint and reinforce for the season. I hope to get this on video as well as some pictures.