About JWC Motorsports

Who, What and Why we are...

Early in my life, I learned to enjoy cars, trucks and all things motorized. My first car was a clunker but got me around and I learned a lot about working on cars. While serving in the United States Air Force I was a computer technician most of my career, but always had a passion for motorsports, in 2004 when I got back from a tour in Saudia Arabia I purchased the 2002 Jeep Wrangler you see here on the site. We had a great time 4-wheeling in the mountains of Colorado. Then in 2007, the Air Force moved the family to Idaho where we got into ATVs hitting the trails around the Mountain Home and Boise area. When the boys started to drive we picked up our first project car, a 1986 Subaru GL Wagon with a manual transmission.

Currently, we have the 4 ATVs, 5 Cars and 3 SUVs and 1 truck in the stable. In the Projects page, you will see some of the Projects and or Customer cars we have worked on.

In the Spring of 2018 you will see some SOLO/Autocross racing coming up on the site. We will be running with the Snake River Region chapter of the Sports Car Club of America.

JWC Motorsports was created as our (my) retirement project. I wanted to create a business based on something we enjoy, and having been an AMSOIL user since 2008, we decided to become Dealers. Now that I have retired I'm hoping to get into a few more projects.

This is a site also going to document our Travel, Adventure and Subaru's. Although most of the travel adventures here are done with Subaru's anyone can join the site and participate.

We encourage participation; we will not tolerate any abusive or illegal activities. When doing any off-highway traveling we encourage using the Tread Lightly concepts.

I started my travel adventures many years ago, using various vehicles that were comfortable but not universally capable. It was not until I purchased my first Subaru Legacy that I was able to experience travel and adventures in a completely different way.

Here are some of the sites we support as they represent the true Travel, Adventure, Subaru concepts. Please visit them and see if they offer you any support or information.

  1. Travel Channel
  2. SCCA (Sports Car Club of America)
  3. Subaru
  4. Specialized Bicycles
  5. Thule
  6. REI


It should be more than just getting from one place to another. You should enjoy travel, it should not be stressful, and it doesn't have to cost much money.

Thinking driving all the historic highways in the USA. It still sounds like a fun trip, may look at that after retirement.


Just about everything you do can be an "Adventure", like travel you should enjoy the Adventures you take, and they should not be stressful, in fact, they should help to relieve stress.


More than a cluster of stars, Subaru is a means of Travel and Adventure. Subaru's can give you the confidence to go places, knowing you are in a safe vehicle can help ease the stresses you may have will "Traveling" and on "Adventures".

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