1997 RAM

1997 Dodge RAM 2500 HD

5.9l, 5sp Manual,

AMSOIL customer uses AMSOIL Oil and Filter

I Installing an AMSOIL Bypass Filter system the video is below.

We recommended for cold weather (Oklahoma) using AMSOIL Diesel All-In-One.

It combines the superior detergency and improved lubricity of AMSOIL Diesel Injector Clean, the excellent cold-flow and anti-gelling properties of AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow and the increased horsepower and cetane of AMSOIL Cetane Boost in one convenient package. It is safe for use in all diesel fuels, including biodiesel.

And just in case you get caught without fuel protection, having some AMSOIL Diesel Recovery can get you back on the road.

AMSOIL Diesel Recovery (DRC) is an emergency diesel fuel treatment that dissolves the wax crystals that form when diesel fuel has surpassed its cloud point. Diesel Recovery liquefies gelled diesel fuel and thaws frozen fuel filters, avoiding costly towing charges and getting diesels back on the road.

Feb 2018, fixed the exhaust and installed an AMSOIL Bypass filter when changing the oil on the 1997 RAM.

Click this link for more information: Bypass Filters

Sasha now has over 231k miles