1994 Jeep Cherokee Sport

Sheet metal swap

Picked up some parts at the local Jalopy Jungle, Door is from a 1992 Base 2 Door Cherokee and the fender is from a Country Cherokee. That fender flair will come off, the head unit is not in bad shape, thinking I will just fix a couple screw points and put it back on.

Some pictures of Project Cherokee. As she sits now, Front fenders have been cut, driver door can't open from the outside, hood is pinned down with no spring. Driver Side is banged up but passenger side is not bad.

Working to get the driver side door off, bottom bold won't come out, will be breaking out the grinder. Front head unit it out, along with the driver side fender.

Some of the rust and issues I need to address, will be getting the pressure washer out and seeing what happens. Engine bay has plenty of mud still in there.

She may not be pretty but she will be.  This is the 1994 Jeep Cherokee Andy bought awhile back for off-roading in Oklahoma.  I've got it now and will be doing some work.  Things that it needs to have done

Driver door (I have a replacement) - door handle disconnected/missing/broke
Door cards - clean/fix/replace
Rear-end - Diff was welded to make it permanently locked 
Rust abetment - plenty of rust all around to address. 
Front fenders - Replace (picked up a couple already)
Front marker/blinker lights - Have the lenses, just need to install
Rear bumper - May do something beefy
Carpet and headliner - bad shape, need to replace
Exhaust - replace/fix
Engine/Transmission/Transfer Case - clean check for leaks, flush and AMSOIL 
Tires - 
Transmission mount needs to be fixed/bolt rusted out - Plenty of rust to deal with. New Engine, transmission and transfer case mounts while at it.
Fuel leak - Fuel tank/fuel lines not sure yet.

Andy (our youngest Son) picked this up in 2018 to do some mudding in Oklahoma. He gave it to me in 2019 as a project Jeep. In his words, It would be better to find a good Jeep body and put this engine and transmission into.

As you can see, she has some issues, but I don't turn down challenges or take the easy out. Juli and I had been searching through the Jalopy Jungle (pic a part lots) here in Idaho and had found a few parts, and the really good part is the XJ shares some parts with our MJ (1988 Jeep Comanche)